Letter: Susan Patton Fox, South Riding

Editor: In the recent article: “Supervisors Declare Labor Day, Labor of Love Weekend,” Mr. Norman Duncan commented that:“We’re still fighting to find someone to come up with the idea of how to stop it (Alzheimer’s/dementia) from starting.”

I wanted to let your readers know that there are ways to help prevent this dreaded disease.

My father is suffering from dementia, and hence I have been doing research concerning it.  I have come across a book: “The Better Brain Solution” by Dr. Steven Masley. He notes that diet and other lifestyle changes would eliminate at least 60 percent of new Alzheimer/dementia cases—with the avoidance of the Standard American Diet (SAD) which is high in sugar and fats—as the single most important change.  Science has shown that this diet leads to insulin resistance which actually produces the biological chemistry that creates Alzheimers/dementia.

I highly suggest that everyone get a copy of this book. Dr. Masley not only points out things to avoid; but also lists all the great food/supplements/exercise, etc. that will increase your cognitive abilities and strengthen your brain—at any age.

And so there is hope for those who wish to pursue it.

Susan Patton Fox, South Riding

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