Letter: Janet Gilroy, Purcellville

Editor: With so much being said and written about the upcoming election this November, I think it’s important to focus on the priorities and records of our elected officials and their challengers (when available). In looking at Barbara Comstock’s priorities in Congress, it seems that they reflect those of our region.

Rather than focusing on the talk show and cable news circuit as so many others do, Rep. Comstock has consistently focused on the issues that we actually face in our community. Issues, such as human trafficking, opioid addiction, sexual assault, domestic violence, and gang violence, are the troubling problems in our region which affect us all. Rather than avoiding or paying lip service to finding solutions, Rep. Comstock has tackled them for the good of the community, and she works across partisan lines because she understands what good governance is all about.

Rep. Comstock voted for the tax reform, which has been minimized by some as not doing anything substantive; however, the bottom line is that it has put more money in most people’s paychecks, especially those who most need it, and it is helping business, which then helps more people get good-paying jobs.

In addition to all that, she has shown far-sightedness for the young women of our community by creating a program to help young women of all backgrounds develop leadership skills, and she has passed legislation which encourages more women to explore STEM careers. These are real accomplishments, and they will enable more young women to succeed in one of the fastest growing segments of our economy.

In looking at all that Barbara Comstock has accomplished and her principled approach to her job, I hope that all will consider voting to re-elect her as our representative in the U.S. Congress this November.

Janet Gilroy, Purcellville

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