Letter: Michael Callihan, Purcellville

Editor: The election for Congress in Virginia’s 10th Congressional District is still several months away, but for western Loudoun families like mine the choice is already clear – Congresswoman Barbara Comstock has earned re-election.

Comstock’s policy priorities, her personal leadership, and understanding of our region give her a decisive edge. She’s worked hard for us, and earned another term representing our community.

In Congress, Rep. Comstock has prioritized what many of us still see as the most important issue: growing Northern Virginia’s economy. For families like mine, it is important to see leaders focused on sound economic fundamentals. We are trying to save for college and put enough away for retirement all while making the mortgage payment and taking our kids to the beach every year. Comstock’s vote to cut taxes for families and small businesses proves that she gets this loud and clear.

Perhaps more importantly though is Comstock’s personal leadership. For several years now, Congresswoman Comstock has organized a leadership program for young women like my daughters. Our children need that kind of positive, inspirational role model in their lives teaching the value of service and other important life lessons.

Not to be forgotten is Rep. Comstock’s keen understanding of our community. As our Congresswoman, she always does what she thinks is right for the 10th District. She’s spoke out against the president when it was right, bucked her party when she had to do so, and time and time again worked to stop or prevent government shutdowns that have a disproportionate impact on our region.

Taken together, Comstock is the model Congressional Representative for our region. She’s right on the issues, is a proven leader who cares about people, and understands the region. We will proudly cast our vote for her in November.

Michael Callihan, Purcellville

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