County Accelerates Evergreen Mills Safety Work

Following a study of safety concerns on Evergreen Mills Road and Watson Road, county supervisors have moved up funding for possible improvements.

Supervisors asked county transportation staff to bring those improvements back up when they decide what to do with the county’s year-end fund balance. A county consultant has recommended approximately $1.2 million in near-term fixes in the area to try to reduce accidents. The action followed two fatal crashes in the corridors last year.

The proposal include a wide variety of projects, such as adding reflective material on guardrails, creating wider edge striping on the roads, and installing speed display signs, along with larger Virginia Department of Transportation-funded projects like intersection improvements. Typically, that sort of work would go into the county’s capital improvement program, which is updated annually with the county budget and covers a six-year window of county construction projects.

Evergreen Mills Road, once a rural road, has seen steady growth in traffic, particularly in the past five years. Today it is a heavily trafficked two-lane road between Rt. 15 in Leesburg and Loudoun County Parkway. Watson Road is another rural two-lane road that links Evergreen Mills and Rt. 50.

The ongoing study has so far found that as many as 12,000 vehicles a day drive some parts of Evergreen Mills. It has also determined that some intersections along the road need turns lanes—particularly at Watson Road, which needs both right and left turn lanes.

More information about the safety study is at

Public Forum Set on Evergreen Mills Road Safety Audit

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