Kincora Seeks ‘Flexibility’ For Bigger Homes

The developer of Kincora Village Center, the mixed-use community under construction off Russell Branch Parkway and Rt. 7, has asked the county for permission to build larger residential units than originally planned.

County supervisors have already approved plans for up to 1,400 multi-family units—such as apartments, condos, or two-over-twos—a total of up to 1.54 million square feet, or about 1,103 square feet per unit including space for hallways, elevators, amenities, and other construction not actually inside a home. To date, 785 of those units are left to be built. Now the developer has asked to revise those plans upward to allow up to 1,643 square feet per unit.

Attorney John McGranahan Jr. said the developer is looking for flexibility to respond to market demand.

“That was a number that gives them flexibility to wrap units around parking garages and other kinds of things,” he said.

County planning commissioners worried about upsizing the apartments—particularly the potential for heavier impact on the schools and the higher cost of the homes. County planners estimated the larger unit size would generate approximately 28 more students for the school system than the approved plan, at an additional nearly $1.5 million to make space for those students plus an annual $383,000 to the schools. The developer has not proffered any additional financial contribution to the county to offset that.

“We change the residential mix in the county, and we continue to want to size it up for various reason, which continues to grow the gap in unmet housing need in the county,” Commissioner Fred Jennings (Ashburn) said. “And I appreciate that the larger units, there’s a premium to them. But that’s a significant increase.”

Under questioning from planning commissioners, the developer could not commit not to build all large apartments, but McGranahan said he expects market demand to keep those sizes down.

Commissioners unanimously recommended approval of the revisions, which now move to the Board of Supervisors for review and final action.

One thought on “Kincora Seeks ‘Flexibility’ For Bigger Homes

  • 2018-08-04 at 2:21 pm

    What a grand gesture for sorely needed Affordable Housing. Greed wins again.

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