Take Leesburg’s Tree Tour

The Tree Commission has published a new brochure highlighting 23 native and exotic trees in downtown Leesburg. The brochure includes tree descriptions and locations, which cover an eight-block section of downtown. The trees are a part of the original town layout, which was surveyed by John Hough in 1758.

According to commission Chairwoman Patricia Hatfield, the Tree Walk was designed to evoke a deeper appreciation of the mature trees while reminding residents of the people who planted them 100 or more years ago.

“Planting new trees and increasing the town canopy is happening, but it’s the preservation of our old mature trees that is really important,” Hatfield said, referencing two of the tallest and most significant trees in the center of town, a Dawn Redwood and a 200-year-old American ash. “They are the ones that clean 70 percent of our air, reduce the street temperature by 10 degrees, and spread a green canvas above our concrete world. As people discover Leesburg’s monuments and stories, history becomes so much more real.”

Print copies of the brochure are available at Town Hall or a digital copy can be downloaded at leesburgva.gov/treewalk.

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