Letter: Laura Berish, Hillsboro

Editor: While reading how the Loudoun County Republican Committee censured Jill Vogel for voting to increase access to healthcare and accessing the federal funds available for this expansion, I was reminded how Barbara Comstock has repeatedly voted against the Affordable Care Act while in Congress.

The Republican Party locally, in the commonwealth and from within Congress offer no solutions regarding our healthcare crisis.

Senator Jennifer Wexton did vote to expand Medicaid access to needed insurance for so many Virginians. She represents the Democratic values of identifying problems and providing solutions. I look forward to Jennifer Wexton winning the 10th District and bringing her abilities for compromise and strong record of accomplishments to leading the 10th, the commonwealth and all America into the 21st century, building on the greatness we have as a foundation for the future.

Laura Berish, Hillsboro


2 thoughts on “Letter: Laura Berish, Hillsboro

  • 2018-08-17 at 5:15 pm

    A stumbling block on the way to 32 trillion dollars for health care. The vote by our general assembly gave Inova 66 million dollars, that is a whole lot of patients. Anyone see the money grab under the guise of “we know what is best for you” democrats that have no intention of earning healthcare but do intend to acquire votes with freebies. Not much of a platform if you remove Wexton’s giveaways is it?

  • 2018-08-19 at 11:04 pm

    Tax and spend. Dems still won’t vote for Republicans. That just wouldn’t be fair because it’s always nicer to spend other people’s money without any limits . So what level of taxation do you think working people ought to pay so others can sit on the couch? How are you more caring when you are taking from some to give to others?

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