Letter: Mark Gunderman, Sterling


The Loudoun school year begins today and  I am again compelled to begin the 2018-19 school year with community prayer. Someone recently told me that prayer is not a substitute for action; it is an action for which there is no substitute. Therefore I am requesting all the intercessors in Loudoun County to join me in praying for an increase of God’s presence in our schools.

Dear Father God in heaven,

We welcome and invite a powerful move of God’s presence in our schools. We shall provide a canopy of prayer over every school and college in Loudoun County. We dedicate each learning institution to the Lord.

We ask that you send your ministering spirits into our classrooms. We ask you to send angels as guardians to the entrances and breathe your refreshing Holy Spirit throughout the hallways and classrooms. We ask for barriers to your presence to be broken down in the name of Jesus. We invite your constant presence and influence back into our school buildings.

We speak blessings over the principals and administrators that they may have wisdom, inspiration, peace, patience and strength as they lead their teachers and children. We pray for blessings of abundant health and energy for the teachers and staff throughout these buildings. We ask that all the staff and teachers receive a special blessing of ingenuity, inspiration, wisdom, peace and overflowing satisfaction in their work. May they be restored, refreshed and strengthened daily in body, soul and spirit. May they be appreciated and respected by parents and students and their hearts filled with peace and joy.

We ask special blessings over all the children who attend our schools, that you may help keep them hungry for learning, that each child may know he is precious and important. We pray for overflowing health and protection for all our students. We pray for them to respect and give full attention to their teachers. We ask for clarity and focus for their minds and a hunger for learning and excellence both in academics and behavior. We claim a blessed and prosperous future for all the children who attend our schools in Jesus’ name.

We ask for blessings on the parents and guardians of these children, that their burdens be lightened. We ask for parents to be anointed with patience, wisdom, peace and joy, That they get inspired to be involved in teaching their children to have respect, compassion, honesty and pride in their choices.

We thank you for your favor in our schools, for keeping the buildings, classrooms, hallways and playgrounds safe. We ask for protection from harm for everyone on our school grounds. We praise you and thank you for your mercy and forgiveness. Amen.

Mark Gunderman, Sterling


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  • 2018-08-28 at 8:40 am

    Among the topics for which intercessors can pray are:
    1. Protection for students and staff of each school against all forms of harm
    2. Protection against the spirits of suicide and bullying
    3. A spirit of compassion and unity among students
    4. Strength and wisdom for faculty and staff members
    5. Strengthening of marriages and family units in the surrounding community
    6. Prevention of divorce, abuse and infidelity
    7. Restoration of broken homes
    8. Salvation of each family represented in the school and surrounding communities
    9. An outpouring of the Holy Spirit in every household and every local church
    10. A greater revelation of God for each pastor as well as personal revival
    11. Greater love and unity among the Body of Christ in the Frederick area
    12. A productive year and favor with the Lord for families with home schooled children. Amen.

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