Letter: Amy Fagerli, Leesburg

Editor, Every week we get more good news about the economy and the benefits from the historic tax cuts passed last December. And every week we hear Jennifer Wexton bashing the tax cut and promising to raise our taxes.

Who is she talking to?  She’s not talking to the vast majority of families in Loudoun County who are getting a tax cut. The Ferguson Group that works for Loudoun County said a family of four earning $150k with an average priced home would receive about $1798 in tax relief. A single filer with an average priced condo would get about half that in tax relief.
So why the continued disinformation campaign from Team Wexton?  Perhaps it’s because Wexton is the #1 Liberal State Senator and took the partisan talking points from Nancy Pelosi before the actual benefits from tax relief were known and how the tax relief has been fueling a growing economy. Wexton has also already taken $14k from Pelosi’s campaign committees and now is raising money from some of Pelosi’s California supporters who want to see Pelosi in the Speaker’s chair again. We know that Wexton would vote for Pelosi for Speaker and that is not good for Loudoun voters.
Just say “NO” to Team Pelosi/Wexton and let’s keep the good economy going.
Amy Fagerli, Leesburg

One thought on “Letter: Amy Fagerli, Leesburg

  • 2018-08-29 at 10:21 am

    Wexton has been to the mountaintop and is now sliding down it’s slippery slope. Giveaways in politics goes so far and she peaked at state senator.

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