Leesburg Airport Customs Facility Moves to Construction

With the recent allocation construction funding, the new U.S. Customs facility at Leesburg Executive Airport is expected to begin operation this fall.

The Town Council recently awarded a $129,912 contract to AtLam for the construction of the U.S. Customs clearance facility at the state’s second-busiest general aviation airport. In the same vote, the council also approved a supplemental appropriation of $29,700 for fiscal year 2019 since the project is expected to come in over the originally budgeted amount of $130,000 when other costs and contingency is taken into account. Six thousand dollars of that additional funding provided by a Virginia Department of Aviation grant.

According to a staff memo, the project will retrofit a portion of the airport terminal

building to qualify it as a U.S. Customs and Border Protection International General Aviation

Facility. Customs and Border Protection has agreed to clear international flights at Leesburg upon the

completion of a facility meeting its standards.

The staff report notes the numerous benefits to the town once the facility is operational. Right now, when flights enter the U.S. from a foreign country, they must stop at the first port of entry for customs clearance, prior to continuing on to Leesburg. Once the Leesburg customs facility is operational, U.S. Customs and Border Protection has agreed to clear international flights at the Leesburg Executive Airport, using on-call personnel based at the Dulles International Airport.

“This will allow fights originating in other countries to fly directly to Leesburg Executive Airport,” the report reads. “Charter aircraft operations at the airport have advocated for this enhanced service as a way to encourage additional higher value flights into and out of Leesburg. Longer distance jet traffic buys more fuel at the airport, resulting in higher fees collected by the town.”

Construction is expected to commence in October.


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