Letter: Ken Reid, Leesburg

Editor: It is truly unfortunate that Mary Pellicano, in a letter to this paper, compares campaign literature by Leesburg Mayor candidate Tom Dunn “as the loathsome propaganda disseminated by the KKK…”

Unlike the dead-of-night distribution by anonymous Klan groups, Tom’s literature clearly states he paid for it, and to equate this with hate groups is pretty sad.

However, it seems that what Mary objects most is Tom’s message—that there are two Democrats running for Mayor Nov. 8, and one endorsed Republican candidate, who is Councilman Tom Dunn.

As a former Republican supervisor and GOP-endorsed councilmember, Mary was my appointee to the county and town library boards, and we are friends on Facebook.  I respect her greatly, and she is within her rights to disagree with Tom Dunn’s message, but that is now a “new low” in local politics, as she writes, because Dunn’s message is on point.

Tom is running for Mayor against two Democrats, as “independent” Ron Campbell affirmed online in stating: “I am a life-long Democrat and I don’t have to defend that position or provide proof .

Tom is, indeed, the only fiscal conservative running for mayor, who has consistently voted against higher taxes and raises questions about town spending and regulations.   Tom supports business growth and transportation spending, and knows that if government grows the wrong way, it won’t be long before jobs and business leave Leesburg, and all our taxes will go up.

He voted no to 1,400 new homes being built, got the trucks off Battlefield Parkway, and is the only council member to question new snow removal and trash collection policies.

The other two candidates – with whom I also have served – mostly vote the wants of town staff over the needs of citizens, are weak on spending and their records show it.

Voters should reject the politics of comparison and support common sense fiscal conservatism and leadership by voting Tom Dunn for Mayor Nov. 8.

Ken Reid, Leesburg

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