Letter: Glen Peterson, Hamilton

Editor: The Republican Party is not what it used to be. The Trump administration’s control of the party has derailed the primary conservative values of decency and respect of others, of fiscal responsibility, free trade, and the defense of truth.

Under Trump, mocking those with different views in ways heretofore completely unacceptable by a U.S. president is the anticipated Twitter feed or Trump rally ritual. Trump’s anti-immigrant, nationalist agenda is not consistent with my conservative Christian values.

What has happened to the fiscal conservatives that pushed so hard for a balanced budget and were desperately concerned about the national debt? Most are as quiet as church mice amid the shouts of “Build the Wall” and “Lock Her Up.” Under Trump, the national debt now exceeds $21,000,000,000,000.

Who will benefit from a trade war with China and our allies? There will be a few big winners, but fundamental economic principles will prevail and the majority of Americans will eventually be worse off under Trump’s higher tariffs.

I now agree with Max Boot, who in his July 4 letter said that a vote for the GOP in November is a vote for obstruction of justice, conflicts of interest, demonization of minorities, the debasing of our political discourse, alienating America’s allies, essentially ending free trade, and a vote to appease dictators.

The Republican Party is now the Party of Trump. The party that I belonged to is no longer. A truly good, conservative party must rise from the rubble of the impending collapse.

I encourage all principled conservatives to summon the strength of Sampson, and stand with those currently best equipped to topple the Party of Trump—the Democrats.

Glen Peterson, Hamilton

2 thoughts on “Letter: Glen Peterson, Hamilton

  • 2018-09-26 at 12:41 pm

    Does the author actually believe democrats support a balanced budget amendment, much less getting control of the debt? No. They never have, and they never will. The author, wrapping themselves in a Christian stance, is now supporting a party that denounced ‘God’ three times from their platform, only to have their establishment force it back on them due to the fear of losing votes?

    I always find it highly amusing when leftists attempt to pose as conservatives in an attempt to sway conservatives. It never comes off correctly and the deceit is painfully obvious.

  • 2018-10-04 at 3:08 pm

    Vote democrat? No way. Democrat policies are bad for us. Mr. Peterson must want open borders, but open borders with our welfare state will bust the budget and let in terrorists. He must want ICE abolished. He must be for gun “control.” He must want a collapsing economy. Today’s democratic leaders want the high taxes and stifling regulations that kept Obama’s economy tied up in knots. He must agree that certain Americans, like white conservative men, are guilty until proven innocent in a court of law or on campus. He must also be a globalist, where UN law will prevail over our beloved constitution that protects us from government overreach. He must prefer trade where we give away our money and technology in lopsided trade agreements. He must want Iran to build the bomb. I guess Mr. Peterson hasn’t noticed the coarseness of democrat activists marching in the streets and in the halls of Congress. He must be for late-term abortion.

    President Trump is the most transparent president we have ever had. Perhaps that is why some may dislike him. He doesn’t spend hours pontificating. He acts. Trump does great work. He is truly making America greater again. Vote Republican.

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