Loudoun100 Episode Spotlights Loudoun Now Managing Editor

You may know her as the managing editor of the very newspaper you’re reading, the author of “Without a Trace: The Life of Sierra Phantom,” or one of the 2018 Loudoun Times-Mirror 40 under 40 honorees.

But in simple terms, Danielle Nadler is a truth-teller.

She earned a degree in print journalism at Minnesota State University and has worked for several publications across the country since then. When Leesburg Today, one of Loudoun’s two county newspapers at the time, closed in 2015, she and a few other journalists and community members created Loudoun Now to keep the spirit of local news reporting alive.

Now, their goal is to continue keeping the community informed. “We want to shine a spotlight on what local nonprofits are doing and how people can support them or what a local artist is doing. … but we also are there for those late night committee meetings to make sure that the community knows what’s going on behind those closed doors.”

Nadler believes that journalism and print media can be a powerful conduit of change. And it is completely worth the long hours and weekends because she “cares so much about reporting truth.”

View Loudoun100’s videos at Facebook.com/Loudoun100, where a new episode will be posted each Wednesday. Ahead of each release, Loudoun Now will highlight the upcoming episode in our print edition and at LoudounNow.com.

One thought on “Loudoun100 Episode Spotlights Loudoun Now Managing Editor

  • 2018-09-26 at 12:54 pm

    Ms. Nadler’s comments define precisely why Loudoun Now is an essential community asset. Expose the good, and expose the worst. We have the right to know, and with that knowledge the responsibility to act.

    Support the local advertisers who support LN. I make every effort to, and I let them know.

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