Lovettsville’s 25th Annual Oktoberfest Draws Thousands

Visitors from around the nation made it out to Lovettsville today to drink beer, watch wiener dogs race, shop and embrace the town’s German roots.

This weekend marked the 25th annual Oktoberfest, with thousands of visitors turning up for a packed schedule from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. The day officially kicked off with a keg-tapping ceremony led by Mayor Nate Fontaine and Vice Mayor Jim McIntyre, as they tapped the keg and took the first drink for good luck. While the Alte Kameraden band performed traditional Bavarian music at the Walker Pavilion for hundreds of families crowded in the main tent on the Town Green, hundreds more visitors moseyed their way around the town, stopping at vendors’ tents along the way.

One of the most anticipated events of the day was the Wiener Dog races, which drew a crowd of locals and those who traveled from as far away as Washington state. After nearly 20 rounds of races, a wiener dog named Ringo was crowned champion of the 2 p.m. races.

Also in attendance on Saturday were former three-term mayor Bob Zoldos, who held the post from 2012-2018, and former 10-term mayor Elaine Walker, who sat on the dais from 20122012.

A wiener dog races his way to the finish line at the Lovettsville Oktoberfest’s annual Wiener Dog Races. [Patrick Szabo/Loudoun Now]
Lovettsville Oktoberfest King and Queen Scott and Melissa Barton. [Patrick Szabo/Loudoun Now]
Lovettsville Mayor Nate Fontaine takes the first drink from the ceremonial keg tapping at the town’s 25th annual Oktoberfest. [Patrick Szabo/Loudoun Now]

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