Letter: Robert Ehinger, Leesburg

Editor:   My gag reflex was sorely tested when I read that Barbara Comstock grandly proclaimed that she was more interested in results than resistance.

So let’s review some of the “results” that Comstock seems so proud of.

Her consistent support of the NRA which has funded her political campaigns so handsomely, has provided her with the power to always take positions and back efforts to block any gun control measures that might stop the proliferation of assault weapons. Likewise, Ms. Comstock votes against any meaningful and enforceable background checks for gun purchases. She gladly supports every loop hole in gun legislation that “results” in firearms being purchased by persons with serious criminal records and certifiable mental problems. She generally bases her objections to gun control measures on hackneyed blather that government should not interfere in personal liberties. Her argument conveniently ignores that the second amendment was to provide a militia that might be necessary in our budding nation at a time when foreign threats were likely. The Founders never imagined that their need for military readiness would be turned in to support for mass killings that have beset our nation.

But, she was the first to gladly allow government interference with womens’ right to choose control over her own body when it comes to pregnancy. Let’s recall that it was Barbara Comstock who proudly helped author and co-sponsored a bill in the Virginia legislature that would require women seeking abortion counseling to have an invasive ultra-sound test and to wait for the results before having an abortion.

So, let’s see here, Comstock wants anyone to have the right to swagger around with a gun without any interference by the government but, when a woman seeks an abortion which usually is caused by meaningful personal crises, it’s just fine with Comstock for the government to demand invasive and nonsense intervention. REALLY!!

Then there is the tax bill which Comstock is so proud of. All estimates of the tax bill effects are that it will seriously balloon the national debt that we pass on to  future generations at a rate NEVER previously seen in the history of the US, potentially bankrupting the Treasury or causing future economic disruptions. . And, the tax benefits are provided almost exclusively to already wealthy individuals and corporations who have added their windfalls to their profit margins or stock buy backs rather than pass their largess to workers and consumers.

And last, a seemingly innocuous detail that escaped most headlines. Comstock voted to reduce the pay to $1 for any federal civil  servant who raised information and proposals that were contrary to the edicts passed down from the Trump administration. This action would effectively demand absolute agreement from the scientists, engineers and policy experts for any and all the destructive policies directed at our environment, healthcare, economic policy etc.,  that we have already seen come from the White House. When confronted with this vote, Rep. Comstock lamely responded that perhaps her vote for this abhorrent idea was “ill advised.” That’s nice, but she had already cast her vote.

And did anyone hear a peep out of Comstock about the credible sex assault charges against Brett Kavanaugh? She was the first to holler foul when it was Democrat Senator Al Franken who was charged not with actual assault but crude comments, so apparently Barbara’s only concern for bad male behavior is when it’s a Democrat. It’s perfectly fine when it’s her “friend,” Brett Kavanaugh. Pure hypocrisy.

Comstock’s positions on these and most matters are driven entirely by her GOP party politics, reliably nodding to anything Paul Ryan and Donald Trump demand of her. She votes over 97 percent of the time for anything they put before her.

Robert Ehinger, Leesburg

One thought on “Letter: Robert Ehinger, Leesburg

  • 2018-10-10 at 4:14 pm

    Your continued blind support of the Democrat tax and spend socialist policies is getting boring. You present no evidence except of your intolerant hatred of anybody who disagrees with you. Who do you think you will persuade with your invective and hatred from the so-called more tolerant wing of our politics? Why don’t you move to Venezuela for a while and tell everyone how wonderful it is in a socialist paradise where they have to eat their pets and zoo animals to survive?

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