Letter: R. Leresche, Sterling

Editor: Here’s how it’s supposed to work: Incumbent politicians like Barbara Comstock must face the voters from time to time and ask to be returned to office. This would presumably involve a presentation of her positions and explanations for the votes she has taken during her two terms in the U. S. House of Representatives.

In Comstock’s case, however, there has been no commitment to a full examination of her record or her plans for another terms — no town hall meetings with voters; no bi-partisan League of Women Voters debate; nothing, in fact, except tightly orchestrated public appearances and “joint appearances” with her opponent, Virginia State Senator Jennifer Wexton, in forums such as the Loudoun Chamber of Commerce, where she can expect not to be pressed on her views about separating immigrant families, requiring universal background checks for gun buyers, or removing protections for people with pre-existing conditions.

It’s possible that Barbara Comstock’s record reflects a sincere desire to reflect the values of the people who live in her district, but how are voters supposed to know when she refuses to engage in a frank exchange of views? Cutting ribbons, Comstock’s stock-in-trade, isn’t enough to make a case that she should be returned to Congress

R. Leresche, Sterling

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  • 2018-10-19 at 5:45 am

    Okay lets talk about a town hall.
    100 people take 15 minutes to get to the site that’s 25 man hours right there. Say they get paid 25 bucks a hour that cost $625.00 just to get there plus the pollution and for what. Let’s say the meeting lasts a hour for a hundred people at 25 bucks a hour so we can add $2500.00 to the $625 and you come up with $3125.00 to glad hand with Wexton but wait we have to add another $625.00 for the expense to get home so the total for the evening costs in man hour hours is $3750.00 were nothing gets decided and anything brought up could of been done by text or e-mail. See how Barbara is protecting the environment and not wasting her constituents time. Your Welcome!

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