Burk Leads in Campaign Donations, Spending in Leesburg

Leesburg’s mayor leads when it comes to both taking in money and spending it during this election season.

Mayor Kelly Burk, in the midst of her race for a second two-year mayoral term, has the largest campaign war chest at $13,221.64 according to her most recent campaign finance report, filed ahead of the Oct. 15 deadline. While many of the other candidates in both the mayoral and Town Council races boasted significant fundraising over the summer months, Burk had the best September, bringing in $6,195 in donations in that month alone. She has raised just shy of $17,000 since the beginning of the year. Overall, she has spent over $33,000 for this campaign, the highest total by far among all candidates. For the most recent reporting period alone, Sept. 1-30, she spent over $6,300. Her largest contributor, at $3,500, is Dulles Motorcars owner Hamid Saghafi.

One of Burk’s challengers, Councilman Ron Campbell, received over $10,000 in campaign contributions between June 1 and Aug. 31, but only $905 for the month of September. His biggest single contributor is Leesburg resident Shama Hussan at $1,100. He reports total expenses of just shy of $6,700 for the entire campaign, with a little under $1,400 for the month of September alone. He also reports a personal loan to his campaign of $4,361.44. His total cash on hand is $6,673.58.

The final mayoral candidate, Councilman Tom Dunn, received $3,800 in contributions in the months of July and August, by way of a $2,150 personal loan and $1,650 in in-kind contributions from his own campaign committee. He reports no expenses for the month of September and $1,852.95 in total expenses. He reports $1,947.05 cash on hand.

Of the Town Council candidates, challenger Neil Steinberg boasts the largest war chest with $4,484.40 cash on hand. He raised over $3,600 between June and August and $825 during the month of September. He reports total campaign expenditures of $4,548.10. He also reports a $50 personal loan. His largest contributor, at $1,000 total, is Leesburg resident Richard Evans.

Incumbent Councilman Marty Martinez raised just under $5,000 during July and August, but had a quieter September with $695 raised. He also reports a $250 personal loan. He has spent just over $4,700 during his campaign and reports $2,063.47 cash on hand. His largest contributor is listed as H.T. Autocare Inc. in Sterling at $1,000.

Vice Mayor Suzanne Fox, looking for her second four-year council term, raised over $2,800 during the months of July and August, and an additional $1,615 in September. Her largest contributor is Angeline Tsakalas, a Timonium, MD, resident, with $1,000. She has spent over $1,100 during her campaign and reports $3,418.85 cash on hand.

Fellow incumbent Councilwoman Vanessa Maddox only has finance reports filed with the State Board of Elections through June 30. At that time she was reporting $870 in total expenditures and $1,132.34 cash on hand.

Finally, council challenger Kari Nacy raised over $3,500 in the summer months, mostly by way of personal in-kind contributions to her campaign. Her largest contributor is listed as Leesburg resident Joseph Nacy — her father-in-law — at $1,000, although he is listed as giving in-kind contributions as well. Her total campaign expenditures are slightly over $3,700. She reports $1,269.04 cash on hand.

Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 6.


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  • 2018-10-17 at 10:17 pm

    Neglected to report Mike O’Connor gave Burk $1000 this cycle. He owns her, Martinez and past councils. O Connor has given Burk thousands over the years. She cannot ever stand up to him like with the wider sidewalk on King Street. Surprised Zaghafi did not give to Fox. she is his go-to girl on the council because she does weddings at a house he owns in the West. Amazing how the newspapers do not tell the full story about political influence in local campaigns.

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