Letter: Elise Dwyer, Sterling

Editor: Rep. Barbara Comstock’s tweets and press releases describe her as “a leader in fighting for women in the workplace” and credit her with having passed “landmark legislation fighting sexual harassment in Congress.”

First, her self-described “landmark” legislation – H. Res. 630 — is not substantive legislation at all.  It’s a House resolution that sets out future legislative policy goals.  She sets no timetable for moving forward any of the legislative parts to reform the sexual harassment reporting process on Capitol Hill or curtail taxpayer-funded settlements/hush payments.

Also worth noting is that Ms. Comstock’s resolution focuses on Congress. If she is really interested in leading the charge on landmark legislation, why stop with a resolution that begins and ends with Congress? Why not jump in feet first and tackle sexual harassment more broadly?  Or would that mean she’d have to take political risks she is not willing to take?

You can’t have it both ways, Ms. Comstock.  You can’t claim to be a voice for sexually harassed women and not stick your neck out. You’re either in this fight or you’re not.

Elise Dwyer, Sterling,

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