After 2 More Homes Hit, LCSO Releases Firearms Safety Video

After two more reports of homes being hit by gunfire, the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office today released a video promoting safe weapon use.

Over the past several months deputies have responded to several incidents where discharged rounds from handguns and rifles have struck nearby homes. On Saturday, there were two more reports of rounds being fired into homes—one on Paxton Road near Purcellville and another on Sierra Lane near Lovettsville. No injuries were reported.

“As firearms can be deadly, it is important that we all understand both gun laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia, as well as Loudoun County ordinances that pertain to the discharging firearms.  It is also important that you exercise your Second Amendment Right safely and be considerate of those around you,” stated Sheriff Mike Chapman.

The video includes information pertaining to the Code of Virginia for reckless handling of a firearms; requirements of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms for certain weapons or attachments, such as fully automatic weapons and silencers, that require a specific stamp; and Loudoun County Codified Ordinance 684 that provides local regulations for the discharging of firearms.

The Loudoun ordinances specify require distances for outdoor shooting, as well as where individuals are allowed to shoot within the county. The discharge of firearms is prohibited within 100 yards of a building with a current occupancy permit unless the owner or authorized agent has given permission. Further restrictions prohibiting the discharge of firearms in certain parts of the county are also addressed. It is illegal to discharge a firearm 50 yards from a highway and 100 yards from any park, school, or occupied building.

The video can be viewed at

Residents are also encouraged to take the following precautions when target shooting or hunting in Loudoun County:

• Know your environment and where your target is in relation to residences around you.  Your neighbors may be closer than you think.  Utilize updated satellite imagery such as Google Maps to determine where homes and other buildings are in relation to where you plan to shoot.  As Loudoun County continues to grow, there may be new developments or ongoing construction.

• Establish a proper backstop, such as a berm, for the types of weapons you plan on shooting on the property.  Although this is not required by law, establishing a berm is helpful to ensure that rounds don’t travel beyond their intended targets.

• Know your weapon and the type of ammunition required for each weapon. Some bullets travel farther than others.

7 thoughts on “After 2 More Homes Hit, LCSO Releases Firearms Safety Video

  • 2018-10-22 at 8:12 pm

    The only supervisor who had the guts to try to do something about this continuing threat to the safety of families in the rural parts of this County, was Supervisor Umstattd. And what did she get for her efforts? Attacked by the very people who are a part of the group causing these near deadly shootings, and cowardice by the other members of the Board, some of whom spouted the usual “I love the Second Amendment” (short for “I am afraid of the NRA”). So, once again, and again, and again, and again, and again, we have people shooting up rural Loudoun homes, and endangering families. Would be nice to see more than just one Supervisor willing to show some courage in this County.

  • 2018-10-23 at 12:49 pm

    Nice try Lawgh ole’ buddy, but the only thing Kristen was doing was providing cover for the democrat Loudoun General Assembly gang, after they got caught giving our Northern Virginia transportation tax road improvement money to prop up their cronies at the failing Metro system.
    Before you go full on Lawgh crazy on me, I always respected Umstattd. I’ve praised her many times on these pages as the competent, shrewd, and cunning politician that she is. I thought it was great when she rejected the goofy and billionaire buy off scheme that was “Mayors against guns” or whatever that failed Mikey Bloomberg con-game that was.
    But she was totally wrong on giving those Loudoun democrats political cover and distraction. It was completely beneath her. Umstattd could care less about any of this. She was put up to it by her party bosses. It was all a political shell game, rather than a practical approach to actually solving an issue. She didn’t display “guts” – she displayed that she is just another party hack taking one for the party team at the expense of law abiding Loudoun citizens.

  • 2018-10-24 at 10:33 am

    Ah, my very good friend, Chris. Only a few comments. First, public safety is local, and the only supervisor who proposed something to make rural homeowners safer, was Supervisor Umstattd. Indeed, she showed real guts. Second, you said it yourself, but I do not think you meant it that way, when you said that “at the expense of law abiding Loudoun citizens” which can only mean, since we are discussing those who are shooting up houses, that the ones doing the shooting are law abiding citizens. An odd view that you have. There clearly needs major changes because of these continuing shooting incidents. I am sure you are aware that there are already major parts of Loudoun County that do not allow for any shooting. It sure looks like the only way that we can protect ourselves from your “law abiding Loudoun citizens” who are shooting up houses in the County, is to impose an entire no shooting rule in the County. Since your “law abiding Loudoun citizens” will not act responsibly, they should lose that privilege. The Second Amendment addresses possession of firearms. It does not allow for the shooting up of houses.

    • 2018-10-24 at 2:44 pm

      As an immigrant whose maternal language is not English, it always amazes me when native speakers of English fail the most basic reading comprehension exercises.

      By definition, if your bullet is leaving your property and lodging itself in someone else’s house, you are committing a crime (see VA code section 18.2) and consequently are not a law abiding citizen.

      Mr. Manthos was obviously referring to the rest of us careful gun owners who don’t shoot at other people’s houses, not the careless ones who do.

      Lawgh, I really want to know where the push to ban driving in parts of the county where accidents cause injuries and deaths is.
      Isn’t this a public safety issue that is a lot more pressing than the few hundred dollars in property damage caused by careless gun owners?
      Oh wait that’s right, you must be one of these people whose idea of “courageously” tightening rules in the insterest of public safety is only worthwhile when it doesn’t impact you.

  • 2018-10-24 at 3:25 pm

    Interesting points, Mr. Mach, but like my very good friend Chris, I suspect you do not literally mean what you wrote. First, do some research. There are areas in Loudoun County, major chunks of Loudoun County, where it is right now illegal to discharge a firearm. Really, really, really! Second, as for courage, Supervisor Umstattd is the definition of courage. At least Supervisor Umstattd tried to do something to make sure my home is not shot up by these “law abiding Loudoun citizens” that my very good friend Chris seems to want to protect. And so, where is the push to do the right thing? From those thousands of homeowners of western Loudoun County who by now know that they are target practice for the “law abiding Loudoun citizens” every weekend, that my very good friend Chris wants to protect.

  • 2018-10-25 at 6:15 pm

    You bet I’m aware of the no discharge area Lawgh ole’ pal. I helped create it. I was on the committee that recommended it.
    Your usual tortured comprehension of the English language aside, Kristin usually does show some guts. The fortitude to do something for a logical reason: This time, she didn’t. She was put up to it by her fellow dems, for reasons that can only have a political basis. Maybe… to divert attention away from the fraud they committed on Loudoun taxpayers by stealing road tax money and not spending it on roads? That is Fraud defined.

    Whatever it was, it was way below Umstattd’s dignity to play the dolt by proposing the most radical plan they could dream up. She’s far more astute than the rest of that mob of thieves. I told her to her face that she was better than this, thus, why? I was ashamed for her.

    Mr. Mach, there’s little use trying to explain the law, logic, or much of anything to Lawgh. As best I can tell, my pal Lawgh exists exclusively for everything Kristin. You’ll find no greater cheerleader, no greater defender, no greater fan. If I said Umstattd was smartest person on the planet, Lawgh would attack me for not saying the entire solar system.
    It’s admirable in a strange sort of way, but it’s who they are.

  • 2018-10-26 at 2:42 pm

    Well, indeed, my very good friend, Chris, I would actually not object to your belief that Supervisor Umstattd is the smartest person on the planet. But, I do wonder why, now, when faced with today’s housing increase in Western Loudoun, you would not join in an effort to expand the no discharge of firearms zones throughout the areas where houses are now on a regular basis being shot up by the “law abiding Loudoun citizens” that you spoke of earlier. When it comes to a “diversion” your efforts clearly are the definition of that. This article is about families and property being endangered because people shot their rifles or handguns in areas where houses have been built in large numbers, and what should now be done about that. So, no radical plan. Just a straight forward one. A no discharge of firearms zone being extended to more portions of the County is the best solution.

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