Turgeon Suspends Campaign for County Chairmanship

Jill Turgeon, the School Board member who was vying for the county’s at-large chairman seat on the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors, has suspended her campaign.

Turgeon announced in February her plans to run for the county chairman seat, a position currently held by first-term Democrat Phyllis J. Randall. But she told the Loudoun County Republican Committee tonight that she would put her run on hold.

“As my friends, you all know that I have an unwavering commitment to faith and to family. Therefore, I must change my path at this time in service of those priorities,” she said in a prepared statement. “Without providing a lot of detail tonight, my husband is struggling with a serious health matter that will take my full and unfettered attention.”

She said that her family faces a long and difficult journey over the next year.

Turgeon thanked members of the  Republican committee for their support and said she still has a strong desire to lead the people of Loudoun County and she intends to resume that effort at the earliest opportunity. “I will not forget you. I love this county, as do you, and I will be back in front of you, when the time is right,” she said. “In the meantime, please do not forget me, I ask for your constant prayers for my family.”

She plans to finish out her second term on the Loudoun County School Board, representing the Blue Ridge District.

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