Letter: Chris Manthos, Leesburg

Editor: Anthony Fasolo’s recent letter bemoaning the loss of political yard signs was revealing. As a Democratic Party functionary, he knows full well such unsavory acts are part of the game, so why is he calling other’s “desperate?”

Perhaps because there’s not much to say about Democrat Jennifer Wexton. He certainly couldn’t bring up her integrity. Wexton, in a letter to this newspaper’s predecessor, claimed that Medicaid expansion … wasn’t really Medicaid expansion, but rather some sort of “test program.” Too bad Governor McAuliffe was in Loudoun that very week affirming that it was indeed “Medicaid expansion.” We knew it. The Governor knew it. Wexton knew it.  Yet, she published a blatant falsehood anyway, and couldn’t care less if she lied to Loudoun taxpayers. She’ll never be on Medicaid.

He couldn’t mention Wexton’s insulting campaign ad where she resorted to dressing up her staff in fake police uniforms to give the impression law enforcement supported her.  That was a lie.

He wouldn’t dare bring up Wexton’s strong support for stripping Virginians of our civil rights without due process through the so-called secret No Fly List—A terrifying position for anyone, particularly a lawyer, to hold.

Fasolo surely didn’t want to discuss Wexton and the rest of the Democrats stealing our Northern Virginia Transportation Tax money (which we in Loudoun pay extra taxes for) and funneling it to her political cronies at the disastrous Metro system. Nope! Don’t bring that up. Just complain about a yard sign.  And definitely don’t mention that Wexton voted to raise taxes on Loudoun taxpayers to cover up for her theft of our road dollars.

Fasolo must know that placing signs, any signs, in a public right-of-way is against the law, so he didn’t bring up all of the Wexton signs placed illegally. It’s a hundred dollars per violation with the money designated to the “Highway Maintenance Operating Fund.” Were it ever enforced, it might help cover the tens of millions of our transportation dollars Wexton robbed from Northern Virginia taxpayers.

I despise all candidate signs on public thoroughfares. I grasp there’s a silent agreement not demanding enforcement. While removing a sign from private property is certainly petty theft, it’s hardly worthy of a petty letter to the editor while signage rules are abused wholesale by both sides county-wide. Mr. Fasolo should attempt to stick to real issues that actually affect the pocketbooks and quality of life for Loudoun families and rise above sign sniveling.

Chris Manthos, Leesburg


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