Three Teens Charged in Tuscarora High School Assault

Two 17-year-old and one 16-year-old Tuscarora High School students have been charged in connection with an assault that occurred in the school’s locker room earlier this month.

One student has been charged with sexual battery and the two other students have been charged with assault and battery, according to the the Leesburg Police Department.

The teenagers allegedly assaulted an underclassman on the football team Oct. 1 after regular school hours. A school resource officer was made aware of the allegations on the morning of Oct. 5.

Leesburg Police Department detectives investigated the case in conjunction with Loudoun County Public School officials and staff, parents, and the Loudoun Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office.

In consultation with the county prosecutors, it was determined that the circumstances of the case did not meet the criteria of hazing as defined in the Virginia State Code, according to the agency.

Loudoun Superintendent Says Tuscarora High School is Safe After Alleged Assault

One thought on “Three Teens Charged in Tuscarora High School Assault

  • 2018-10-28 at 12:07 am

    The next question is, when will the horrible excuse for a Principal be fired for her poor management of this keeping parents in the cold? What about the coaches who failed to manage these players allowing for an assault to occur on their watch? And let’s look at this Superintendent of LCPS. Does he supervise? How many more controversies do we need to have on his watch before parents have to march to his office demanding his resignation? What a mess! LCPS gets a BIG FAT “F” in Communications, Public Relations and History. History? Yes, because they only need to review their past and see that they keep making the same mistakes.

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