Loudoun Students’ SAT Scores Surpass State, National Averages

The 2018 graduates of Loudoun County’s high schools outperformed the state and national averages on the SAT, according to data recently released by the College Board.

The average total score for the county’s class of 2018 was 1184—29 points higher than the class of 2017’s average total score of 1155. Loudoun County Public Schools’ graduates scored 67 points higher than students from all Virginia school types, including public, private, parochial, and home school.

Loudoun students’ average also exceeded the national average total score by 116 points. The maximum score is 1600.

The results reflect scores earned on the new SAT exam, which was implemented in March 2016. The SAT now consists of two sections: evidence-based reading and writing and math, with an optional essay.

Average scores for every student subgroup within Loudoun’s school system increased for both parts of the exam, except for the evidence-based reading and writing scores of black students, which decreased by 1 point from 540 to 539.

See Loudoun County Public Schools’ full report here.

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