Purcellville Targets Savings with Vehicle Leases

As an update to its current 41-vehicle fleet, the Town of Purcellville has opted to lease, rather than purchase, seven new vehicles.

The Town Council last week voted unanimously to authorize the staff to lease from Enterprise Fleet Management vehicles it approved for purchase in the fiscal year 2019 budget via 5-year leases with a total of $58,172 annual payments. The town will lease a Ford Interceptor, a Chevrolet Tahoe, two Ford Escapes, two Ford F-350 Super Cabs and a Ford F-150 Super Cab. According to a staff report, the leasing will keep vehicle maintenance costs down and improve resale values, saving the town $86,486 throughout the next five years. Leasing the vehicles will also reduce the current fiscal year budget by $257,117.

In addition to the total $290,860 in lease payments, the town will pay $55,411 in personal property taxes on the vehicles throughout the next five years and $114,445 annually to fuel and maintain them.

The staff estimates that these fuel and maintenance costs will be $6,755 lower annually than if it were to have purchased the vehicles. That’s because, according to Enterprise Senior Account Executive Marty Linsky, Enterprise will find ways to lower maintenance costs and increase fuel efficiency.

The town will also sell seven of its existing vehicles for an estimated $44,900 and will have Enterprise sell the new ones in 2024 for about $68,000.

Budget Specialist Tom Angus said that Enterprise would also help the town to reduce other costs throughout the next five years.

Currently, the town has 18 vehicles designated for the Public Works Department, 11 for the Police Department, 10 for the utility system, and two for the administrative offices. Sixteen are more than a decade old.

The town spends $121,200 annually on fuel and vehicle maintenance.


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