Letter: Leeza Ahmed, South Riding

Editor: The world around me seems to be going a million miles a minute. One day, I did not have to worry about the government interfering with my religious identity. The next, it was all over the news.

As an American Muslim teenager, life has become all about working towards supporting the issues and rights that I believe in which all need one thing- the votes from the American people. Today, I cannot vote due to my age, but in every campaign, internship, and supervisor position, there is always one common job that every person is told to do. Encourage people to vote, talk to people about the candidates which are on the ballot, and make sure people know how to register to vote. Voting helps keep the people who want to the best for us in the office, who truly support our rights, and who keep the country’s best interests in mind.

Voting is important to me because it decides what direction my life is going to take while living in the country I put my faith into. Even though I have lost some issues important to me, I put my trust in the people of this country who can vote. Not only that, but as an Muslim, loyalty to my country is part of my faith. It further encourages me to better the country I live in. So take a second on Nov. 6 to think about your future and mine. Get out and vote.

Leeza Ahmed, South Riding

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