Expanded Belfort Furniture Showroom Goes Big on Experience

Belfort Furniture is planning a month-long celebration of the opening of its new 85,000-square-foot showroom and on Saturday, Nov. 10 HGTV personalities Drew and Jonathan Scott will join the party.

Events kick off this weekend with a sneak peek program that includes furniture giveaways, an appearance by Amish furniture builder Daniel Yoder, live music, and the opening of the showroom’s wine bar, the Stone Tower Winery Bistro.

During the Nov. 10 grand opening, the Scott brothers will share insights on design trends and give attendees a peek into their approach to home renovation. They also will do a reading from their just released children’s book, “Builder Brother: Big Plans.” They will be at the showroom from 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Guests will have the opportunity to meet the Scott Brothers and register to win $2,500 in Scott Living furniture, one of many brands featured in Belfort’s newly renovated and expanded display space.

CEO Michael Huber said Belfort Furniture and the Scott Brothers share a common goal.

“The Scott Brothers’ creative ideas are an inspiration to all to design beautiful homes and that’s what Belfort is all about,” he said. “It’s our mission to provide easy, affordable room solutions that inspire and enhance the lives of our customers; that’s our passion, and theirs.”

While the HGTV stars will be a special attraction, Belfort’s new showroom—providing two acres of indoor display space—will be a destination long after the grand opening events.

“We draw from all over the DC area. We’re in over 100 homes a day and move 3,000 to 5,000 pieces of furniture a week,” Huber said. “Loudoun County is really good to us, but I’d say it’s maybe a third of our business.” Deliveries are made daily to homes in Prince Georges County, MD, and Washington, DC—meaning the patrons drove past dozens of furniture stores to make their purchases at the Dulles store.

The expansion has been a couple of years in the making.

The space previously housed the company’s distribution center and its outlet-style furniture clearance selection, while most of its top brands where displayed in buildings across the street.

“Just for the ease of the customer experience to put most of our best-selling products into one building that is easy to navigate would be a good thing—good for the customers and good for the sales staff,” Huber said.

Another motivation was to ensure customers got the full experience of Belfort’s offerings. While the campus attracts more than 100,000 customers each year, Huber said, most never explored the campus past the outlet center—the building where they were directed by their GPS devices.

“They were generally pretty happy, but that wasn’t what we were really about,” he said. “It’s more about a reorganization and making sure the quality work that our 200 employees do is properly displayed.”

Huber and his son Matt, the company’s vice president who manages the day-to-day operations, brought in top retail space designer Martin Roberts to develop the showroom concept.

More than 200 sofas are on display and there are more than 50 bedroom sets to compare.

Drew and Jonathan Scott will share their design and remodeling expertise during a Nov. 10 appearance at Belfort Furniture.
         “It’s a big number. That is why we have our sales team and our designers to try to help you find the right mix. If you try to walk through and say I’m going to sit on every sofa, it is going to be a very full day to just take that sit test,” Matt Huber said.

They said staff training is an important element of the value Belfort offers. “You don’t have to go to all the different stores. You don’t have to travel around. When you come here you do get a broader selection. It can be a little confusing, so how to offset that is by doing a lot of training with our sales staff,” Michael Huber said.

“What we love is if you pull out of some inspirational book or some home decorating magazine and you show that us that style. We can actually show you that style with the same or better quality and save you some money. That’s why we spend a lot of time and energy training,” he said. Sometimes customers come looking for a piece they saw at the family’s Stone Tower Winery near Leesburg.

The expanded space will make room for special events, charity fundraisers and design seminars. And if you come in on a weekend, don’t be surprised to see your favorite winery circuit performer singing in the showroom.

“In the broader scheme of things, people want to have an experience. So, coming out here you’re going to see some unique items. That’s an important part of it. We want to create an experience.”

Belfort Furniture is located at 22250 Shaw Road. For more information about the events, go to belfortfurniture.com/grandopening.


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