Letter: Ken Reid, Leesburg

Editor: Voters in Leesburg should be grateful to “Loudoun Now” for putting together a great Voter Guide on the Leesburg Town Elections.  I appreciate all the candidates outlining their positions on various issues and the space Loudoun Now gave for candidates to respond.

I have participated as a candidate or volunteer in seven Leesburg elections since 2004 and never, in my memory, has a candidate failed to respond to the newspaper’s Voter Guide questions until this week when I noticed incumbent Councilmember Vanessa Maddox “did not participate in Election Guide.”  All other Mayor and Council candidates responded to Loudoun Now’s questions, including long-time incumbents, and I felt all of those questions were on point. They covered most of the major issues the Mayor and Council are addressing now and in the future.

Don’t you think voters should know what a candidate stands for before they go into the voting booth?  I certainly do.

But Councilmember Maddox has shown disdain for the public by failing to outline where she stands on critical issues. Her campaign web site also has no information on where she stands, nor any list of accomplishments in office. It seems Ms. Maddox is hoping to win again just because she is on the Democrat sample ballot.

Please read Loudoun Now’s Voter Guide before you vote Nov. 6 and since Ms. Maddox did not tell you where she stands, you should not voter for her.

Ken Reid, Leesburg

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