Letter: Chris Tandy, Leesburg

Editor: This has been a year of political engagement not previously seen by many Americans alive today. That includes the entry of first-time candidates into all levels of government, including Charlotte McConnell, running for Virginia’s 33rdSenate District.

I have had a front-row seat to many of the great things Charlotte has attempted, and has accomplished, in Loudoun County and offer this whole-hearted endorsement of her campaign for Senate District 33. She’s a true progressive and someone that will be outspoken about the issues that matter.

If you read Charlotte’s platform at www.charlotte4va.com, you’ll find a staunch advocate of every progressive value which people in the 33rd care about: environmental protection, affordable housing, high quality public schools, affordable healthcare and an inclusive community.

Charlotte has been showing up for her community for years. You will often find her at school board meetings advocating for LGBTQ youth. She helps local environmental groups advocate for clean air, water and a thoughtful plan for growth in Loudoun. She’s a supporter of sensible gun control legislation, a member of the Loudoun chapter of the NAACP and shows up at practically every chance she has for health care, women’s reproductive rights and protection of children. Name a progressive cause and she’s been there for it. Charlotte isn’t running for State Senate because it’s the next step in her political career. She’s running to be a public servant to her district and to get the work done that Virginia needs to get done.

Additionally, Charlotte is one tough mother. She has had her fair share of personal tragedies, including losing both parents as a young adult along with her brother more recently. Because of these experiences, she turned that ability to empathize with tragedy into providing comfort to the dying. Since 2017, she has been educating others on how to spot and report child sex abuse and trafficking. Having gone through her own health issues, she has been a vocal advocate for early cancer screenings and an insurance system that does not bankrupt people. Charlotte runs towards problems that most people don’t want to acknowledge.

Charlotte will amplify the voices of the people of the 33rd District while in Richmond. The times we currently live in don’t call for people who wait for polls before they will take a stand on the right thing to do. They don’t call for someone who takes safe positions to remain being popular. They don’t call for someone who takes whatever money is thrown his or her way just to get into office. They call for someone with integrity, vision and a spine that will deal with the difficult problems. They call for someone willing to get in and do the unpleasant and often unseen work to make the communities we all live in safer and healthier. In short, we need the closest we can get to a superhero, and that’s Charlotte.

Chris Tandy, Leesburg

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  • 2018-11-08 at 8:56 am

    When they talk about women’s reproductive rights why don’t they just call it abortion on demand?

    Tell me what does sensible gun control mean?

    The NAACP is going to install plaques, nice job!

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