Nomination Window Open for Loudoun100 Honorees

Alimond Studio is asking for nominations for individuals who should be honored at its second Loudoun100 event in the fall of 2019. Loudoun100 nominees can be anyone of any age who lives or works in Loudoun County. Aliyah Dastour, Owner of Alimond Studio and the Founder of the Loudoun100 Project, is asking for unsung heroes, community leaders, or anyone in Loudoun County who has a story or makes a difference. This event will showcase people who the community has not heard from or should honor.

Dastour said the event will not focus on what participants do professionally, but more about what the individual believes, what their motivations are, and the story of how they got to where they are.

In 2017, Alimond Studio received 600 nominations and wants to receive 1,000 this year. Each individual will be interviewed on film. The final compilation of personal stories will be featured at the Loudoun100 event in the fall of 2019.

Learn more and fill out the nomination form at Contact Alimond Studio at 703-687-3870 for questions.

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