Board Weighs Loudoun School Calendar Options

It’s time for students and teachers to let the Loudoun County School Board know just how long of a winter break they want and how late into the summer they’re willing to sit in the classroom.

The School Board is weighing two options recommended by school system administrators for the 2019-2020 academic calendar. Both Option A and Option B would begin the school year on Thursday, Aug. 22, a week and a half before Labor Day. The school system again qualifies for a state waiver from the so-called Kings Dominion Law, which requires public schools to postpone the start of school until after the holiday.

Option A would provide an eight-day winter break, from Dec. 23-Jan. 1, with the school year ending for students on Friday, June 5. Option B would provide a 10-day winter break, from Dec. 23-Jan. 3, but would require the school year to stretch to Tuesday, June 9, to make up for those extra days off.

School Board member Debbie Rose (Algonkian) pointed out that the decision between the two plans boils down whether students, teachers and parents want to end the school year on a Friday or want a two-week winter break and ultimately end the school year on a Tuesday. “That’s the rub here. Which do you want?”

In both options, teachers would report to school for the year on Wednesday, Aug. 14. Teachers’ last day of school would be Tuesday, June 9 in Option A and Thursday, June 11 in Option B.

See each of the options here.

The board is scheduled to adopt a final calendar at its Dec. 11 meeting. Members of the public can weigh in on the options by emailing the full board at

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