School Board Weighs 5 Dulles North Attendance Boundary Plans

The Loudoun County School Board is considering five options for how the attendance boundary lines could be drawn for elementary schools in the Ashburn area.

About 2,000 elementary students are expected to be reassigned schools to make room for Waxpool Elementary School, which will open along Belmont Ridge Road next fall. The attendance changes will also free up space at the county’s most crowded schools, including Madison’s Trust Elementary which is housing 1,201 students this year—235 more than the building was designed to hold.

Students in seven schools in the Dulles North planning area could be asked to attend a different school next year. Those elementary schools are Creightons Corner, Hillside, Madison’s Trust, Legacy, Mill Run, Moorefield Station, and Rosa Lee Carter, and dot the planning area northeast of Dulles Airport.

Board members are scheduled to adopt a final plan Dec. 11.

The proposals include two maps drafted by the school system’s planning department as a starting point for the process, called Plan 1A and Plan 1B. Plan 1A would reassign 1,701 students, the fewest number of students shuffled of any of the plans. Plan 1B would reassign 2,014 students. Three board members have also put forward proposals.

Board member Joy Maloney (Blue Ridge) drafted Plan 100, which is similar to the planning staff’s Plan 1B but moves just 1,966 students. It would keep planning zones DN 44.4 and DN 44.5 at Hillside Elementary; planning zone DN 32.2 at Mill Run Elementary; and planning zone DN 36.8 at Madisons Trust Elementary.

Maloney said she’s heard from many families in those neighborhoods who want to stay at their current schools, in part because they can walk to and from those schools.

Last week, board member Eric Hornberger (Ashburn) presented his version, called Plan 101, which would reassign the most students of any of the plans, at 2,181. It maintains all known walk zones, similar to Plan 100, but it assigns more students to the new Waxpool Elementary and Mill Run Elementary to better use those schools’ available classroom space. “This enables greater relief for schools further to the south,” he said.

His plan also takes into account future schools, ES-34 planned to open in 2028 and ES-23 that is slated to open in 2021. Under Plan 101, students at Rosa Lee Carter and Moorefield Station would not be reassigned ES-34 opens. That also frees up space in ES-23 to house students who would otherwise attend Creightons Corner and Madisons Trust, two of the area’s most crowded schools.

At another work session Monday, board member Beth Huck (At Large) presented a fourth plan, called 102, that would reassign 2,138. It is similar to Plan 101 except it would keep planning zone 32 at Mill Run Elementary. “While they are very close to Waxpool Elementary, it would create a splinter,” sending only one section of the Broadlands community to Waxpool and keeping the rest of Mill Run and Hillside, Huck said.

Hornberger said Huck’s slight change to his plan is a fair suggestion, but it does not account for the 76 students that are estimated to be moving into homes that are approved for construction but not yet built.

Maloney called Huck’s plan “solid at first glance.”

Director of Planning Beverly Tate has asked board members to submit any other proposals by Friday. The board will hold one last public hearing on the attendance plans at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 4, ahead of a final vote Tuesday, Dec. 11.

See the plans in detail and sign up to speak at the public hearing at

School Board Wades into Attendance Zone Changes for Dulles North Elementary Schools

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