Round Hill Receives 1 Town Council Application

Round Hill is almost two weeks past its deadline to appoint an interim Town Council member, but it won’t be doing so for another three weeks.

Town Administrator Melissa Hynes said the town received only one application, from Michaela Van Mecl, to fill a Town Council vacancy that was left by Michael Minshall on Sept. 7 when he resigned to prepare for a move to Missouri.

Although the town charter gives the town 60 days from the date of the vacancy to make an appointment, creating a Nov. 6 deadline, the town last month decided to push that deadline to its Nov. 15 Town Council meeting to give residents more time to apply, since the vacancy wasn’t posted on the town’s website until Oct. 10.

Of course, a snowstorm forced the town to reschedule that meeting to Dec. 6. The Town Council is now set to interview candidates before it makes an appointment at the meeting—30 days past the 60-day deadline.

As for soliciting interest in the vacancy, Hynes said that it’s now up to councilmembers to talk to their friends, neighbors and members of local community organizations to get them to apply.

One thought on “Round Hill Receives 1 Town Council Application

  • 2018-11-23 at 10:01 pm

    It’s time for the town of Round Hill to die as a town.

    Dissolve the Town and consolidate into Loudoun County under § 15.2-3500 of the Code of Virginia. It can be done, it has been done.

    If the Town is consolidated under Loudoun County then gone will be the extra personal property taxes people within the Town pay will go away.

    By the lack of interest in anyone wanting to run for mayor or town council its seems like no one really cares.

    I am sure all of the people outside of the Town limits would love to see the town dissolved. The water and sewer prices their pay may go down.

    The Town Counsel can’t even manage a data breach that happened in October. No further updates have happened and no word on what that Town plans to do to prevent such data breaches. Is the town going to offer credit monitoring or any other type of monitoring free of charge not only for the residents of the Town but all other property owners who are billed for water and sewer services by the Town.

    Show up at the council meetings and lets get some people questioning to the Town council why the town should NOT be dissolved.

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