Letter: Kate Williams, Leesburg

Editor: We need Virginia legislators who understand the big picture, and will deliver cohesive, level-headed legislation and financial security. We don’t need representatives that play political games that stall legislative progress, lack foresight, or have very progressive agendas. We need lawmakers who will carry out sensible and comprehensive state legislative and financial plans, that improve our largest issues of transportation, education and health care, to benefit all.

During her brief legislative service, Jennifer Boysko has often not worked well with others. She tried to unseat the Democratic House minority Leader – and called a press conference to chastise the Chairman of a major House committee. She has focused on smaller scope, progressive issues, including : 1) in-state tuition for immigrants who arrived as children, 2) drivers licenses for undocumented immigrants, and 3) tax elimination on feminine hygiene products. The latter would reduce the Virginia state budget by millions of dollars – and Boysko provides no plans to make up this deficit. She is also a proponent of free education and health care for all – which are financially impractical, and would dramatically increase taxes for all Virginians.

In stark contrast – Joe May has an established 20 year record in the Virginia legislature, working together with all parties. As chairman of several major Virginia House committees, Joe helped to deliver practical transportation, education and health care legislation with broad impact for many, and also balance the state budget each year.

Choose sensible and fiscally responsible Senate leadership – and vote for Joe May on January 8.

Kate Williams, Leesburg

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