Letter: Members of the 2018 Sorensen Political Leaders Program

Editor:   In elementary school, we are taught that the Constitution of the United States of America includes women and girls because “man” was used as an all-encompassing term that implies inclusion. Later in our education, we are taught that the only “men” who were full citizens conferred with rights and privileges were white, land owning, Protestant males over the age of 21.

Imagine a girl’s sadness when she understands that the Founding Fathers were not talking about her when they voted to adopt, “All men are created equal…”. These white, land owning, Protestant males over the age of 21 were talking only of themselves. No female was in the room where it happened. They weren’t even, as that elementary school teacher promised, implied. Granted, some of these thoughtful men wrestled with the hypocrisy of owning other humans and discrimination against their fellows of different religions. However, these moral conflicts were not enough to change their initial impulses or diminish their own privilege.

Women do not seek retribution for what is lacking or wish to strip men of privilege. They just want to share in it equally. We are confident of the positive impact the members of the female gender have made on society. If you aren’t, you haven’t been paying attention. And based on the words of our founders it’s not even necessary for women to prove their worth. If we are all created equal, the only criterion was our creation. The endowment bestowed upon us by our Creator is a given. So, what is the harm in saying so?

Help us be the 38th state to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment. Women in American society are owed more than an implied equality in our most unifying document. Let’s right this wrong in 2019.


Members of the 2018 Sorensen Political Leaders Program

Paul Berry, Arlington

Lizzie Drucker-Basch, Henrico

Alex Askew, Virginia Beach

Matt Banfield, Henrico

Tyvon Bates, Richmond

Maria Ciarrochi, Alexandria

Samantha Cohen, Roanoke

Cathy Copeland, Harrisonburg

Caroline Cooper, Alexandria

Sterling Daniel, Mechanicsville

Chris Dovi, Richmond

Aaron Edmond, Woodbridge

Kyle Elliot, Richmond

Holly Hazard, Falls Church

Ken Heath, Marion

Marques Jones, Henrico

Staci Martin, Virginia Beach

Kirk McPike, Alexandria

Fernando Mercado-Violand, Arlington

Melanie Meren, Vienna

Barbara Sgueglia, Chesapeake



One thought on “Letter: Members of the 2018 Sorensen Political Leaders Program

  • 2019-01-03 at 7:40 pm

    This amendment had a provision that it had to be ratified by March 22, 1979 or it was null and void. It was not. Therefore, you are all wasting your time.

    But, actual ratification is not your point. Constantly stirring the pot is.

    My take is that Elizabeth Warren is the Democrat’s anointed one for 2020 and they want to drum up as much “woe unto us” support as possible in the run up to the election.

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