Letter: Creal French, Leesburg

Editor: Bipartisanship is rare these days, and it was refreshing to see Loudoun’s Board of Supervisors vote 8-1 last week to oppose efforts by the owners of the Greenway to lock in guaranteed toll rate increases for the next 36 years.

Six Republicans and two of the three Democrats said no to proposed state legislation that might be taken up by the Virginia General Assembly this month. It should’ve been an easy nay vote for Chair Phyllis Randall, too, but in the end she didn’t go along with the motion to look for a better alternative and oppose what was offered.

Instead, Chair Randall said this might be the best deal Loudoun can get.

Why give up so quickly? It was the first deal offered by the Greenway and a bad one for Loudoun in every respect. That the Greenway’s representatives even threatened to go to the State Corporation Commission and ask for even higher rates if the board didn’t embrace the deal they offered is even more reason to oppose it.

Like it or not, the Greenway is a key part of Loudoun’s transportation future and we should expect every one of our elected officials to be fighting to give Loudoun’s citizens a voice in that future. And a say in how much we pay.

Creal French, Leesburg

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