Leesburg Boards and Commissions Get New Faces

The new year brings plenty of new faces to the Town of Leesburg’s boards and commissions.

The Town Council Tuesday night unanimously approved all the board and commission appointees as part of its consent agenda. Each council victor from November—Mayor Kelly Burk, Vice Mayor Marty Martinez and council members Suzanne Fox and Neil Steinberg—appointed or re-appointed members to each body for new terms that mirror the length of their own terms. Some vacancies that belonged to other council members were also filled.

The two bodies responsible for recommendations to the council on planning and design in the town in particular have some new blood.

Former Town Council candidate Kari Nacy is among those new faces on the Planning Commission. She was appointed by Fox. Joining her are fellow new member Al Barney, appointed by Steinberg, and Doris Kidder and Ad Barnes, who were re-appointed by Martinez and Burk, respectively. Leaving the Planning Commission are former chair Sharon Babbin and Gigi Robinson. Rick Lanham, David Faliskie and JoAnn Walker have two years remaining on their terms.

On the Board of Architectural Review, former Public Art Commissioner Tom O’Neil is the lone new face, appointed by Steinberg. He joins Julie Pastor (Burk), Teresa Minchew (Fox), and Paul Reimers (Martinez), who were all re-appointed. Exiting the BAR is Edward Kiley. Dale Goodson, Richard Koochagian and Stacy Skinner have two years remaining on their terms.

The Airport Commission saw two new appointees — Lindsay Arrington (Burk) and Raymond de Haan (Steinberg). They join former Town Council member Hugh Forsythe (Fox) and Dennis Boykin (Martinez) who were both re-appointed. Leaving the commission are Tom Toth and Eliot Danner. Gary Rogerson and Vaughn Allex have two years remaining on their terms. A vacancy remains to be filled by Councilman Tom Dunn.

Russell Woolard (Burk), Tom Jewell (Fox) and James Hershman, Jr. (Martinez) were all re-appointed to the Thomas Balch Library Commission. Patti Maslinoff (Steinberg) takes the place of outgoing commissioner Eileen Axeman. Donna Bohanon, Martha Schonberger and Mary Pellicano all have two years remaining on their terms.

All four members of the Public Art Commission with expiring terms were re-appointed — Jeanette Ward (Burk), Donna Torraca (Fox), Minu Beijan (Martinez) and Linda Kreingold (Steinberg). KD Kidder and Jeremiah Lorrig have two years remaining on their terms. A vacancy remains to be filled by Dunn.

Cristiane Vila Verde, appointed by Steinberg, is the lone new addition to the Diversity Commission. She joins re-appointees Mary Randolph (Burk), Jean-Joseph Poisson (Fox) and Linda McCray (Martinez). Enrique Gonzalez, Pamela Butler and Oliver Peters have two years remaining on their terms.

The Economic Development Commission has three new members — Brittany Youkers (Burk), Curtis Allred (Fox), and James Choi (Steinberg). They join Eric Byrd, who was re-appointed by Martinez, along with returning members Kevin Arbogast, Nick McCarter and Mary Harper.

Bettina Guerre (Burk), Bobbi Elliot (Fox) and Scott Billigmeier (Martinez) were all re-appointed to the Environmental Advisory Commission. They join new member Gabriella Keleman (Steinberg) and returning members Maria Bergheim and Christopher LaFon. A vacancy remains to be filled by Dunn.

Peggie Tyree (Burk) is the lone new face on the Parks and Recreation Commission. She joins David Drupa (Fox), Rob Fulcer (Martinez) and Laurie Burke (Steinberg), who were all re-appointed. Brody McCray, Kevin O’Dell and Clint Walker have two years remaining on their terms.

Peter Hill (Burk) and John Binkley (Martinez) were re-appointed to the Technology and Communications Commission, and join new member Ahmad Cheema (Steinberg). Fox has not yet put forward an appointment. Returning members include Adam Bingaman, Shama Hussain and Mark Kolas.

Flint Anderson (Burk) and John Groothius (Martinez) were re-appointed to the Tree Commission. They join Steinberg’s appointee Todd Cimino-Johnson and former mayor and Town Council member David Butler, appointed by Councilman Ron Campbell to fill a vacancy. Fox has not put forward an appointment for the commission yet. Jason Smart and Earl Hower have two years remaining on their terms.

Sandy Grossman (Burk) and Jeff Phillips (Fox) were re-appointed to the Standing Residential Traffic Committee. Deepan Patel (Steinberg) is a new addition. Martinez has not yet put forward an appointee for the committee. John Burnham, Kimberly Pollock and Julie Sisson have two years remaining on their terms. Longtime SRTC member Liz Whiting and Brian Caney are leaving the committee.


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  • 2019-01-11 at 12:08 pm

    This ruling has serious ramifications for public service in this country. I feel VACO and VML and the county should appeal this to the U.S. Supreme Court. Or, I suppose they can wait on the Trump case. Trump’s twitter account has become exclusively for his presidential pronouncements, so I cannot see how he can block people. And, why would he given the numbers of people on there? However, what if you are a supervisor or legislator and have a personal page and every now and then want to tout something you’ve done in your official duties? Or, if you note your elected office in your Profile? Does this now mean that you have to co-mingle political opponents, supporters and your high school friends and family members??? Does it mean you have to open this up to NON constituents, i.e., activists in another part of the country (or world), who find something you say they dislike, and then come flocking to your page? It’s easy to say : “Have a separate page.” I had that during my years in local office. However, I know a number of my former colleagues in office who have BOTH , and periodically tout official business with photos of them at ball games with their families. I fully understand that elected officials have a higher standard of ethics and transparency, but we also have personal lives and now, our personal friends and relatives will have to read our posts about family nad friends or political views and see invective and angry comments from folks they dont even know.

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