New Releases Mark Catoctin Creek’s 10th Year

Catoctin Creek Distillery in Purcellville is celebrating its 10th anniversary next month with the release of two limited-edition Bottled in Bond spirits: Rabble Rouser Rye Whisky and 1757 Virginia XO Brandy, both launching on Feb. 16.

Distilled in 100-gallon batches, the 1757 Virginia XO Brandy has been aging since 2010 in 53-gallon Bordeaux red-wine casks, making it both Catoctin Creek’s oldest release to date. The 50/50 blend of Seyval blanc and Chambourcin grapes used in the brandy is sourced from Tarara Vineyards.

“We distilled this brandy during our first year of operation,” Harris said. “It epitomizes our attention to craft and collaboration. From the very beginning of our company, we worked with local farmers and vintners to produce products that capture the rich flavor and heritage of our region. We are honored to release this product for our 10th anniversary.”

Catoctin Creek’s four-year-old Rabble Rouser will make its fourth debut next month. Although previously meeting the qualifications, February will mark the first time it’s labeled as “bottled in bond.” Although bottled at 100-proof, the 100 percent rye mash is distilled to a lower proof, which captures many of the extra flavors typically lost to the distillation.

Founded by Scott and Becky Harris in 2009, Catoctin Creek Distilling Company is located at 120 W. Main St. in Purcellville. Learn more at

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