Letter: Ronnie Ross, Middleburg

Editor: To listen to the national news, you might think civility is dead. And, in some ways, it is. So, in an effort to bring it back, at least on the local level, let me be clear and unequivocal when I say: “Thank you, Senator Vogel.”

There is much Senator Vogel and I disagree on, from education to the environment to many things in between. After all, it’s why I am running against her. However, when it comes to the ERA (or the Equal Rights Amendment), Senator Vogel and I have much more in common than we have in difference.

On Jan. 9, the General Assembly’s opening day, Senator Vogel voted to advance the ERA out of her committee and to the floor of the Senate in order to give it a vote. Now that it is on the floor, it is all but guaranteed to pass the Senate. I am so glad that Senator Vogel supports enshrining women’s equality in the constitution; she has said that it would be inconsistent for her to vote against the ERA considering that she is, well, a woman, and I stand as her ally with this vote, ready to defend her against criticism.

However, I do have to mention that I wish Senator Vogel’s reasoning for her vote was a little different. She has said for her that it is a “symbolic vote” and that the vote “is no longer really about what it purports to be about.” She has also said that she is only voting to set an example “for the people who really only understand this as a symbolic vote.”

Here is where I differ sharply with the senator. The case is clear that there is significant legal and legislative redress to ratify the ERA, and that this vote is anything–or should be anything–but symbolic. Moreover, it is anything but symbolic for the thousands of women and their male allies across the commonwealth who have worked so hard to pass the ERA. The ERA is very real and is very much alive.

I look forward to the day when “equality of rights under the law … shall not be denied or abridged on account of sex.”  Insofar as Senator Vogel brought us one step closer to that reality, I am deeply grateful to her. However, insofar as her vote was cast as only as a symbol, I will continue to stand in opposition.

Ronnie Ross, Middleburg

3 thoughts on “Letter: Ronnie Ross, Middleburg

  • 2019-01-14 at 6:37 pm

    What have you been reading? What rights were abridged or denied? Specifics please do not meander from the topic.

  • 2019-01-17 at 9:49 am

    Be careful what you wish for as men in many areas are less equal than womyn. And, besides, why should it matter any more as gender is just a mental construct?

    Men don’t live as long as womyn. So, if we are going to be equal I think men should get their social security earlier and in greater amounts. Womyn have the right to choose whether to have an abortion. Men? They have no rights. Instead they have responsibilities. The responsibility to have to support financially whatever the womyn chooses. So, the womyn can abort the man’s child and not even tell the father even if he is her husband. Or, the womyn can have the child and not tell the father or have the child against his wishes and force him to support her and the child forever. A man has to bear all of the risks and costs of courtship. So, if he is accused of any kind of sexual impropriety his life is ruined. If the women has lied she bears almost no risk.

    Womyn want equality in the workplace. So, why don’t they make up the yawning deficit in combat deaths by staffing all of the front line units until their death total matches that of men? How about womyn get equal in the less glamorous jobs that are almost exclusively male: garbargeman, plumber, electrician, sanitation engineer, fisherman, farmer, roofer, construction worker. Shouldn’t men get similar opportunities to be high paid supermodels?

    Let’s be considerate while we are at it and free womyn from the oppressive burden of fashion. No more cosmetics, high heels, jimmy cho shoes, Armani clothes, etc. Clearly these are designed to imprison womyn in expensive unnecessary clothes and painted on looks. Why can’t they be freer like men of these outrageously oppressive capitalist togs? Just as men should not be allowed to ogle womyn, womyn should be freed from having to spend for fashion just for superficial appearances. This will be so liberating, it ought to be the law. While we are at why not just put womyn in burkas and save them from themselves? Also, I recommend getting rid of the division in sports between men and womyn. Since womyn want equality we should get rid of artificial boundaries like womyn’s tennis or golf or running. Let womyn triumph against men on an equal playing field! What is more equal than that? And, that old bugaboo of same sex bathrooms is clearly back in demand with the added benefit that women will no longer have to wait to use the ladies’ rooms as there will be no more such oppressive distinctions! Joy.

    What you have is an issue completely made up by the democrats for political purposes. The Equal Rights Amendment requires a two thirds approval by the legislatures of the states. The window for that to happen has long since passed even if VA were to pass it. Why are democrats pushing it? Because rather than focus on improving our lives they imagine they can make headway politically against those awful Trump supporters by repeating over and over with feeling how awful and unfair men are? This seems like a pretty silly exercise of no benefit to anyone but then again that may be because I am identifying as a man today.

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