School Board Looks to Slow Traffic on Sycolin Road

Cars driving along Sycolin Road near the Academies of Loudoun will soon be asked to slow down.

The vast majority of traffic—85 percent—travels down that road at 53 mph, 3 mph above the speed limit set for cars and 8 mph above the speed limit set for trucks. The Loudoun County School Board has applied to the Virginia Department of Transportation for a school zone speed limit on either side of the Academies of Loudoun entrance. School zone speed limits are typically set at 25 mph, but after VDOT conducted the traffic study, the department has recommended a 35 mph zone.

“It is a drastic change to go to 25 and you’ll have folks that just won’t comply with that,” said Kevin Lewis, the school system’s assistant superintendent of Support Services.

The school zone speed limit would only be in place when school is in session.

Because the speed limit of 35 mph is different from the 25 mph speed limit for school zones outlined in the Virginia State Code, the School Board has to request the county’s Board of Supervisors to review and approve the change.

The School Board is expected to vote unanimously at its Jan. 22 meeting to request that supervisors sign off on the 35 mph speed limit.

One thought on “School Board Looks to Slow Traffic on Sycolin Road

  • 2019-01-16 at 10:20 am

    This is just more unnecessary legislation – the school building sits up in the woods a half mile off the road!

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