Leesburg Council Approves 2 New Sculpture Exhibits

Two more public art displays are in the works, following votes by the Town Council on Tuesday.

The council voted 4-2-1 to approve a new sculpture at the Leesburg Skatepark on Catoctin Circle. The 13-foot-high sculpture by Lovettsville artist Jeff Hall celebrates the users of the site, with silhouettes of skateboarders, in-line skaters and BMX bikers featured. At its center, the sculpture will also bear a silhouette of the skate plaza’s namesake, Eric Brown, who as a young teen was the driving force behind fundraising for the initial skate park. Council members Suzanne Fox and Tom Dunn dissented on the vote, and Councilman Josh Thiel was absent.

The council also approved the temporary installation of a sculpture of Martin Luther King, Jr., in time for February’s Black History Month. Coincidentally, the King sculpture is also the work of Hall, who is also the sculptor behind the planned statue of the late Stanley Caulkins, a longtime civic and business leader, to be displayed on King Street. He will be loaning to the town a mock-up version of the nine-foot tall bronze statue he made for the Martin Luther King Library in Aurora, CO. The mock-up version is made of resin, is approximately eight feet tall inclusive of the base and weighs approximately 200 pounds. Hall will install and then remove the sculpture, so there will be no financial or work-related cost to the town.

School teacher Tammy Carter, also one of the organizers of the annual MLK Day festivities in town, suggested the town display the statue during Black History Month. The sculpture will be displayed on the main floor of Town Hall throughout the month of February.

The vote to approve the installation of the King statue passed 6-0-1, with Thiel absent.


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