Sabey Honored for Toys for Tots Help

Loudoun  County supervisors recently recognized Sabey Corporation for the company’s donation of space in one of its data centers for the United States Marine Corps Reserves’ Toys for Tots in Loudoun County.

According to the Loudoun County Marine Corps League Detachment 1205, in 2018, Toys for Tots distributed 28,109 toys with help from 304 volunteers. According to the county’s resolution, about 9,000 donated toys went to the Salvation Army, and another 22,000 to various nonprofits in Loudoun. Sabey allowed the campaign’s hundreds of volunteers to use space inside the company’s Intergate.Ashburn data center campus—normally a secured, virtually inaccessible building.

Loudoun’s Toys for Tots effort is led by Frank Holtz and Rita Sartori. Holtz said if Toys for Tots did not operate in Loudoun, many of those donations would go to Fairfax instead.

“It was interesting, we first sat down and talked to them about our operation, we said we’re going to have about 300 volunteers inside your secure site,” Holtz said. “…They did, they worked it out.”

Robert Rockwood, president of Sabey Data Centers, said he would have been in trouble if he’d said no—his son is a Marine.

“[Business development Manager] Mike Whitlock summed up our reaction to the to the experience this way: he said, what if we hadn’t done it?” Rockwood said. “What if we hadn’t had the men and women who are so committed to improving the community working inside our data center campus with the spirit and energy that they brought to us during the holiday season? We were the beneficiaries.”

Hundreds of Toys for Tots of volunteers move tens of thousands of toys through Sabey Corporation’s Intergate.Ashburn data center campus in January 2018. [Renss Greene/Loudoun Now]

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