Letter: Michelle Baker, Bluemont

Editor: I always try to keep an open mind on candidates for public office. What I’ve heard in the last week from Delegate Kathy Tran, Governor Ralph Northam, and Delegate Wendy Gooditis has shocked and disgusted me. This kind of extremism has no place anywhere, especially in our government. Our elected officials are in their places of power to protect the lives and well-being of their constituents.

The racist photos of Gov. Northam aside, I am saddened to hear that local Delegate Wendy Gooditis is not only standing by her co-sponsorship of the repugnant bill promoting abortion up until the moment of birth, she, along with other delegates, have even criticized the Republicans in the House of Delegates for bringing national attention to the bill. We deserve to be represented better than by the likes of Tran and Gooditis.

Another person seeking to represent us in Richmond, Mavis Taintor, has remained silent on these issues. While I doubt we will hear from Mrs. Taintor due to her participation in the radically pro-abortion women’s march held recently in Winchester, a lack of so much as a statement on something so pressing to local voters is unacceptable for someone who wants to have a hand in the critical decisions that will affect all Virginians. I call upon Mrs. Taintor to join the vast majority of people who stand against this sickening bill and the Governor’s pro-infanticide remarks, as well as the recent disclosure of the Governor’s racist past. Continued silence on these issues is an answer in itself.

Michelle Baker, Bluemont

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