Loudoun Workforce Resource Center Offers Needs Evaluations

The Loudoun Workforce Resource Center is offering a new service to local businesses. The center’s employer services staff will conduct a no-cost review of local businesses, which in turn will help determine how the center can better meet their needs in the areas of recruitment, connection to community resources, employee training and informational seminars, as well as opportunities to partner with the center.

To get started, business representatives may complete an online form at loudoun.gov/businessneeds. After submitting the form, the business will be contacted by Employer Services Coordinator Michael Bozeth for an in-depth analysis.

The Workforce Resource Center provides area businesses with free services and resources to meet their employment needs, including on-site recruiting events and posting of employers’ open positions. The center also provides a wide variety of free services to job seekers.

For more information, contact Bozeth at 703-777-0688 or Michael.Bozeth@loudoun.gov. The Loudoun Workforce Resource Center located at 102 Heritage Way NE in Leesburg. Learn more at loudoun.gov/wrc.

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