FEMA Updates Flood Insurance Map in Selma Estates

The Federal Emergency Management Agency, which is responsible for floodplain mapping and regulation throughout the United States, is revising the Loudoun County Flood Insurance Rate Map.

That work will mean changes to the boundary and designation of the FEMA-delineated flood hazard areas in Selma Estates. Some areas currently delineated as moderate and minimal flood risk will be re-designated to an area of high flood risk.

That will also mean a change to the Floodplain Overlay District boundaries. Loudoun County government encourages residents impacted by the change to learn more about the FEMA process, which includes a 90-day appeal period.

In a letter to Loudoun County Jan. 28, FEMA stated that “future developments of projects upstream could cause increased flood discharges, which could cause increased flood hazards” in the area.

FEMA’s Flood Insurance Rate Map is the basis of Loudoun County’s Floodplan Overlay District zoning, where some activities and land uses are prohibited.

Flood risks can change over time due to new building and development, weather patterns and other factors. Because Loudoun County participates in FEMA’s National Flood Insurance Program, homeowners, business owners and renters in the county can secure federally backed mortgages for properties with structures within the floodplain, and to purchase federally-backed flood insurance for properties countywide.

FEMA’s revision is subject to a 90-day appeal period that begins Feb. 15. The revision, which is expected to be posted on the FEMA website, will become effective only after the 90-day appeal period has elapsed and all appeals received during the appeal period have been resolved.

Questions or concerns about the revision and its effect on property can contact Loudoun County Floodplain Administrator Maggie Auer at maggie.auer@loudoun.gov or 703-777-0222.

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