SU Campus Launches Center for Contemporary Islam

Shenandoah University is welcoming a new addition to its Scholar Plaza campus in Lansdowne. As of last week, it officially launched a Center for Islam in the Contemporary World.

The center is operated by a board of trustees separate from SU that also raises and contributes funds, but is housed at the university’s satellite campus in Lansdowne to provide easy access to students and staff throughout Northern Virginia.

The idea to create a center of contemporary Islam came from M. Yaqub Mirza, a member of SU’s board of trustees, who helped raise money for the effort and had a vision for a program that would be affiliated with the university.

“The leadership at Shenandoah is really pushing hard this idea of diversity and creating global citizens,” said Ermin Sinanović, the center’s executive director. “They want students to understand the world more, and that includes Islam, the second largest religion in the world.”
The goal is to bring expertise and knowledge about Islam and Muslim in the contemporary contexts to the university’s students and staff.

“We plan to support curriculum development, research, facilitate student recruitment and retention, especially from the Muslim communities, locally and internationally, and to increase global collaboration between SU and universities abroad,” Sinanović said.

The Center for Islam in the Contemporary World will put on summer and winter student programs provided by scholars in Islamic and interfaith studies; offer teacher training workshops to equip K-12 social studies teachers with pedagogical tools to enrich their educational outcomes; and teach courses on Islam and interfaith engagement.

Learn more about the center at Visit the center on the university’s Scholar Plaza campus at 44160 Scholar Plaza in Lansdowne.

2 thoughts on “SU Campus Launches Center for Contemporary Islam

  • 2019-02-13 at 4:59 pm

    Will the Board of Trustees establish a Center for Christianity in a Contemporary World too? I hope the tenants of Sharia law and its oppression of women are also taught, . Further, let’s hope the Council on American-Islamic Relations, a supporter of anti-American and antisemitic groups, has no role in this Center.

  • 2019-02-16 at 6:04 pm

    Here is a young educated follower of Islam. On a small scale we have a American conundrum in the 86th district that shouldn’t be. We have Gregg Nelson that served our country for 20 in the Air Force and his opposition who has closer political ties to the Ayatollahs of Iran then our Presidents. As is his hatred has garnered him a following among the radical Muslims and democrat at any cost crowd, come over to the dark side he says. Politicians with roots in Loudoun and Fairfax have had to distance themselves from Ibraheem and his hatred. He claims there is a Jew that agrees with his views which is the same as a drunkard saying he can see the Land Rover on Mars with his naked eyes. Extreme hatred is how he was brought up and his feeble attempt at a apology for his lies and hate ring false. Naturally the republicans blast this jackal but then the democrats have issued their own condemnation and I quote Alfonso Nevarez, Chairman Loudoun County Democratic Committee
    “On Thursday, Feb. 7, the Loudoun County Democratic Committee voted to condemn anti-Semitic comments made by the nominee for the 86th District of the House of Delegates, Ibraheem Samirah.”.

    That folks is as bad as it gets from your own party.

    Supervisor Koran Saines has lent this horrible candidate his endorsement using the title of Loudoun

    County Supervisor. After repeated attempts to get a clarification from the supervisor one can only surmise

    he continues to back the anti Semite. The hatehasnohomehere movement and decency are not strong in

    either Ibraheem or Koran Saines. Harken back to the days when Delgaudio was accused of being a hater

    because he believes marriage is between a man and a woman to now when candidate Ibraheem compares

    Jews to the KKK, see the difference, I do.

    One candidate Gregg Nelson, a Patriot the other Ibraheem, a hater!

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