Do you hate wearing a CPAP? Inspire therapy may be the answer for you

Get the restful night’s sleep you’ve been missing with Inspire therapy.

  • Wake up alert and refreshed
  • Stop/decrease snoring
  • Return to restful sleep with your partner

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) can be a dangerous condition if left untreated. Unfortunately, up to 40% of patients fail Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) Therapy for a multitude of reasons.

What is inspire therapy?

Inspire therapy is a small, implanted treatment option for people with Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) who are unable to use or get consistent benefit from CPAP therapy. While you are sleeping, Inspire therapy monitors every breath you take. Then based on your unique breathing patterns, the system delivers mild stimulation to the hypoglossal nerve, which controls the movement of your tongue and other key airway muscles. By stimulating these muscles, it keeps the airway open during sleep. Upper airway stimulation technology provides a first of its kind alternative for those suffering from Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)

Inspire therapy is for people who:

  • Have been diagnosed with moderate to severe Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) with an apnea-hypopnea index (AHI) between 15-65
  • Struggle with or cannot get consistent benefit from CPAP treatment
  • Are not significantly overweight

 Snoring is one of the most common symptoms of Sleep Apnea. Bed partners were asked to report how intensely their partner snore and if they ever had to leave the room due to snoring both before and after their partner began using Inspire therapy. After four years of use, both snoring and the need to leave the room due to snoring decreased significantly.

How does Inspire therapy work?

Inspire therapy is controlled by a small handheld sleep remote (smaller than a TV remote). The remote allows you to turn Inspire therapy on before bed and off when you wake up, increase or decrease stimulation strength, and pause it during the night if needed.

Inspire works inside the body with the patient’s natural breathing process. The system is placed under the skin during a short out-patient surgical procedure. Patients can return to their regular diet and most activities of daily living immediately after the procedure.

Our Inspire trained doctors will evaluate if Inspire therapy is right for you:

  • SLEEP HISTORY: We need to confirm that you have moderate to severe Obstructive Sleep Apnea. If you have not had a recent sleep study, you may need to have a new one.
  • BODY MASS INDEX (BMI) Significantly overweight patients are not eligible for Inspire therapy. We can refer you to a weight loss specialist. (Weight loss of 10% or more can reduce the severity of OSA)
  • AIRWAY ANATOMY: Your airway anatomy will be assessed using a simple outpatient procedure under light sedation. The exam will help your doctor find the airway blockage that is causing your sleep apnea

After you have had the Inspire surgical procedure you will follow up with the Inspire therapy-trained doctor here at Comprehensive Sleep Care Center to have the device activated. We will then schedule you for an activation/titration (fine tuning) sleep study where our sleep technologists can monitor your sleep to find the Inspire therapy setting that is optimal for you.

When Inspire is turned on you should feel a mild sensation from the stimulation. Typically, patients feel a tingling sensation or mild contraction in their tongue muscles. The stimulation should not be painful or uncomfortable and the level is adjustable.The Inspire therapy-trained doctors here at Comprehensive Sleep Care Center will make any adjustments to assist with patient comfort as needed.

Make an appointment with our doctors to talk about risks, benefits, and expectations associated with Inspire therapy. And enjoy a quiet, comfortable, and restful night’s sleep with Inspire therapy

Patients receiving Inspire therapy experience significant reductions in snoring and sleep apnea events and significant improvements in quality of life and daytime functioning. Contact our team of experts at find out if Inspire therapy is right for you.

The Comprehensive Sleep Care Center (CSCC) is one of Washington, D.C. metropolitan area’s most experienced medical practices for diagnosing and treating the many causes of sleep disorders in both children and adults. Unlike many sleep clinics, our sleep medicine team is devoted entirely to treating sleep related disorders, ensuring that our doctors focus on the issues that matter most to our patients. Each of our physicians are board-certified in sleep medicine and have devoted their entire practice to the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders. Our sleep medicine team are experts at what they do, with extensive knowledge and experience in the very latest in sleep medicine. As an important partner in your health, our sleep medicine team works to uncover the answers you and your referring physician needs to ensure your best possible care and sleep health. Our team is committed to providing the highest level of comfort, expertise, and professionalism throughout your care.

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