Letter: Chris Anders, Virginia Constitutional Conservatives

Editor: Last night’s vote to infringe upon the individual rights of students and parents at the Loudoun County School Board is the latest example of tyranny by the government monopoly on education.

Both sides argued for individual rights and equality, in all insane topics, over what bathroom students are permitted to use.

In their anti-science stance, LBGQT activists argued that any student should be able to use any bathroom they wish, regardless of sex.

The fact is, we all know sex is determined not by feelings, but by chromosomes.  And they cannot be changed.

Facts are pesky things. But a moral government can only govern by facts, not emotions. But this highlights yet another much larger issue, individual rights.

Now I have the individual right to wake up tomorrow and declare I am golden retriever.  I have that right.  What I do not have the right to do is force others to treat me as a golden shepherd and it is pure tyranny for government to force others to treat me as such.

For individual liberty only exists until you directly keep others from exercising their individual liberty, free speech and the right to associate.

As a side note, the right to associate also directly means the right not to associate.

And this latest move by the Loudoun County School Board highlights the immediate need for School Choice in Virginia. It is the parents’ children that attend school, and it is the parents’ money that funds these schools. And as such it must be the parents’ choice what school their kids attend and what school their money funds. To suggest otherwise is immoral and authoritarian.

In a study by the Federation for Children, over 67 percent of parents nationwide support school choice, and if we are to be free, this must happen. For then parents could send their children to whatever school their values dictate, and at the same time send their money to those same schools.

Those who wish to see gender neutral bathrooms can fund such schools, and those that do not support this recent trend can fund schools that do not support such.  And those that wish to home school can use their money to provide for that education. That is what freedom, morality and liberty look like.

Not using the tyranny of government and the majority to force parents and students to accept whatever belief system the government and its agents dictate. For in the end, the government has no money.  It only has the money taken, by force of law, from residents in our county and commonwealth. And it is immoral, as Thomas Jefferson said, to force you to pay for items that violate your deeply held beliefs.

If we are to restore sanity, liberty and morality, the immediate passage of school choice in the commonwealth is the only moral answer.

So unless your goal is to enslave others to you ideology, we must end the government monopoly on education and free our students and their parents.

Chris Anders, Director

Virginia Constitutional Conservatives

2 thoughts on “Letter: Chris Anders, Virginia Constitutional Conservatives

  • 2019-03-03 at 3:13 pm

    sounds like Chris Anders wants to “enslave” us in his ideology – what makes you think your argument does not work against you and your group?

  • 2019-03-06 at 9:58 am

    Because we tried what he is describing and it is called the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights and it has produced the most prosperous and generous, though humanly flawed, system of governance in the world. He is absolutely right about freedom from government tyranny and he is not talking about a group; he is speaking about individual liberty. Government if not restrained, is rule by a mob funded by mandated theft through taxes. Our country is unique in that it was founded on the trust but verified concept of individual liberty. Other countries were founded based on race, ethnic group or worse borders drawn by third parties amongst tribes. Laws are not tyranny if used to protect the individual and not the mob. Democrats are advocating transformation to the most successful society in history and it is about empowering a greedy government whose lust for other peoples’ money is boundless.

    Business are not greedy if they meet a need. When they cease to meet a need they cease to be in business. There is no public and private economy. There is only the free market. Government ultimately is not sustainable without an ordered liberty and an ordered economy. With no wealth accumulation in individuals then the mob (and its heads) are the wealthy ones. They ultimately will secure themselves and their klan and then maybe sprinkle some on others so long as they don’t threaten their power. Businesses need to constantly invest to progress and merely to survive. As Margaret Thatcher said the problem with the other approach is that sooner or later you run out of others peoples’ money.

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