Letter: Justin Hindle, Sterling

Editor: I very much enjoyed seeing the article “Jones Honored for Dulles South Food Pantry Work” in the Biz section this week.

Growing up in Sterling, and as a resident now, I feel that those experiencing hunger and those in poverty are extremely overlooked by our local communities. Being the most affluent county in America, a lot of individuals growing up in this area (including myself, until I became aware of just how prevalent the issue was) assume that there are absolutely no populations experiencing food scarcity.

Growing up in Sterling gave me a unique perspective as to where these communities exist as I went to Dominion High School with a lot of them. Looking back at my experience, I noticed an alarming amount of division within the school itself with those less fortunate than me and my friends.

In short, I love seeing programs helping and aiding those individuals and communities experiencing food scarcity and would love to see more education in regard to the prevalence of these issues within our community especially among the younger population.

Justin Hindle, Sterling


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