Editor: Erin Janiga, Harrisonburg

Editor: I recently read the article on the slavery game incident at Madison’s Trust Elementary School and the board’s reaction to it. I am shocked that in 2019, a Loudoun County school would think a game like that is appropriate, but at the very least it was the final breaking point to making a change.

This was the perfect opportunity to address all the social issues that have been previously ignored: race, sex, gender identity, etc. A new policy is a good start to fixing these issues, but it is disappointing how broad the policy is.

One thing that surprises me is that it took so long for these terms to be added and that there has been backlash for doing so. I think one large contributing factor to why people are against these policy changes in schools is because of their conflicting political or religious beliefs. Otherwise, they most likely just do not think it is a big enough problem.

Parents and board members need to realize in a public school, they need to remove their political beliefs and stances from the situation, and understand these are kids who need to know they are accepted and treated equally. As society progresses, schools everywhere need to progress with it because if kids are feeling victimized or bullied, it reflects on the schools and the county as a whole.

Erin Janiga, Harrisonburg

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