Former Loudoun Fire Captain Convicted of DWI

A former Loudoun County fire captain who crashed a department car near his home in Montgomery County, MD, was found guilty last week of DWI, negligent driving and failure to drive on the right half of a roadway.

Montgomery County police arrested Brandon Billingsley on Nov. 11 after a three-car crash that ended with his Loudoun County Fire and Rescue SUV crashed in the front yard of a Damascus, MD, home. Billingsley turned right onto Hawkins Creamery when he lost control, hit two occupied vehicles and continued into the yard. His airbag deployed and emergency lights and sirens were set off in the crash. Witnesses said Billingsley attempted to flee, but was chased down by a neighbor.

Investigators said he was under the influence of prescription drugs and alcohol.

Billingsley resigned his post in Loudoun on Feb. 27.

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